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Quality Certified Mechanics and State of The Art Equipment

Our 12,000+ square foot facility is among a select number of technically advanced shops capable of restoring cars to factory specifications. Our customers receive the finest quality repairs available. These unexcelled repairs are made possible by our dedication to collision industry standards, as evidenced by the continuing education courses taken by our highly trained staff. Most of today’s modern automobiles are of “unibody” construction. Unibody repairs need highly specialized equipment, operated by expert technicians. Our staff members have been extensively trained on the newest methods and equipment used today.

Our technicians are ASE and I-CAR certified (I-CAR is a non profit organization whose training is endorsed by the major car manufacturers and Insurance companies). I am pleased to announce that our technicians have been certified as I-Car Gold Class Professionals – the highest rating given!

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I have worked with Paul now twice on two major issues on my car. He is great at communicating issues, time frames, problems, and other things you need to know to keep you constantly knowing what work is being done to your car and why. He bends over backwards for his customer’s to make sure they’re happy. I couldn’t be happier with the work that Paul and his team does for my cars. He’s about as honest and up front as any mechanic you could ever hope for. I will be taking my car to him from now on… I can’t imagine any better person / shop to entrust my vehicle to.

Joel P.

A run-away shopping cart put a sizable dent and took out a chunk of paint on my new WRX.  I first consulted two other shops (one was the large collision center in the same plaza as Paul’s shop). Both of the other shops advised I replace the entire panel and repaint, and did not provide an option to repair. When I inquired about repair, the responses were it cannot be done because the damage is at curved panel surfaces that came together at an edge.

I took it to Paul, who assured me he can repair the dent and bring back the curves and repaint as if nothing happened.  This also wouldn’t cost me nearly as much as replacing and repainting the entire panel. I was skeptical, but apparently Paul works miracles.

Although the paint job is not perfect (small surface irregularities and the finish is a bit dull compared to the original paint), it’s pretty darn close and not noticeable unless if you intentionally look for the imperfections.

A year later (yes, this review is over a year late) and still looking good. If the paint ever does deteriorate/flake/chip, I’m sure Paul would honor his guarantees.

L. J.

I have known Paul, the owner for almost 20 years. He has worked on all of our cars at one time or another.Mine, my wife’s,and our two daughters. He is nothing short of a miracle worker when it comes to saving your car. Twice, we made the error of allowing our cars to be sent to the insurance recommended repair facility (I won’t name names). Yes, I will. Colonial Auto where your car goes to be declared dead. Paul will break his back to accommodate your needs and has always gone above and beyond for us. Ivan, one of his techs, is top notch. As a matter of fact, my Mercedes (unfortunately) is there as I write this. He manages to accomplish what other body shops can’t, or won’t. It’s not that we’re bad drivers, but he’s easily taken care of almost a dozen cars over the years for us. My daughter had her car side swiped (minor) and Paul noted that it just needed to be rubbed out and did it at no charge. They really do care about their customers. Oh yeah, and the work is great. He’s picked me up, dropped me off, and goes out of his way. Hey Paul, the Murano is next, it is a victim of a parking lot hit and run. See you soon, again. You cannot beat this place. Period.

Larry L.

I am surprised this facility is not a AAA approved location. Work they do is awesome.
Owner Paul personally takes care of your problems and keeps you posted on daily bases of the repair he does to the car.
I will commanded this place to all customers who needs body work.

Thanks Paul I will return if needed.

Ajay R.

I recently got a flat tire while in a shopping center.  I looked up the number for the Knollwood Auto Body Shop which was next door. I called it even though it was 45mins after closing time.  To my surprise someone answered.  I asked him if there was anyway he could sell me a tire because I had no way of getting home.  He told me that he would walk over and fill up my tire for me. I had never been so grateful! Paul was there within 5 minutes.  He filled my tire and told me where the problem was and how to fix it.  He wouldn’t even let me give him a tip for his help! The next time I have a problem with my cars, I wont’ go anywhere else! This is what true customer service is about. Thank you thank you thank you!

Liz S.

I have been here a few times and I love it!!! They make my day so much easier.  I got a flat tire, pulled my car to the side of the road and went home.  They came to my house, picked up the keys and went to where my car was and took care of it.  It was so convenient for me.  I wanted to get my car serviced too, so they set up a car rental to come pick me up and everything went so smoothly.  It was definitely top notch service.  My car is back and running smoothly.  I truly cant say enough good things about the service , a few  things that come to mind are : trust worthy, efficient and excellent care.  I used to take my car to Mercedez Benz of beverly hills and this is sooooo much better.  I would definitely highly recommend Knollwood Auto Body!